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General Information

A mosaic of farmland and wildlife habitats, the farmed land at this site is a mixture of arable and grazing land managed using the wildlife friendly farming practices. Visit in spring or early summer for birdsong, wildflowers and gambolling lambs Little owl are sometimes seen in daylight perched on posts, blackcap, whitethroat and garden warbler can be seen in the woods and hedges, skylark nest in the meadows and spotted flycatcher and pied wagtail flit around the farm buildings.

The arable land is managed commercially through a tenant farmer, while the farm’s meadows are grazed by Suffolk Wildlife Trust’s Sandlings sheep flock. Hedges, which have been coppiced and replanted, provide a great source of winter food and act as wildlife corridors allowing insects, birds and mammals to travel from place to place without having to cross open farmland. Foxburrow is a good example of how modern agriculture and wildlife can thrive side by side. Please be aware dogs are not allowed at Foxburrow Farm.


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