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General Information

Jo Jingles provides music and movement classes for babies from 3 months through to children of 5 years. Fun and educational with lots of props!

Music, Singing & Movement Activities are just the start

Educational! Creative! Fun!

Jo Jingles classes are carefully structured and each week we introduce fun educational themes i.e. colours, shapes, numbers, animals using well-known nursery rhymes and action songs. Children get to have "hands-on" experience with at least two percussion instruments each week, with for example


And they get to join in with 'little Jo' who is always ready with the actions. He also knows over 1000 songs, some familiar and others that are unique to Jo Jingles.

Our experienced presenters run classes in a friendly and informal manner so you can be safe in the knowledge that your child, and maybe you too will learn about music in a stimulating and secure environment.

First 3 classes for £10 for babies under 6 months. No obligation to pay for the rest of the half term/term

Parents and carers play a very important role at Jo Jingles!
Your child will be looking to you for encouragement and praise so you are actively encouraged to join in and have fun with your child – the more enthusiastic you are, the more likely it is that your child will enjoy the class.

Not every child will be able to concentrate for the full 45 minutes of the class and we wouldn't expect them to. It may take a few weeks for your child to “‘settle in” but once they become familiar with the class format, new surroundings and mixing with the other children they usually participate with great

Birthday Parties

Make your child’s party truly memorable,
by inviting Jo Jingles

In this area we offer parties for 1 - 4 year olds, with a suggested max of 20 children although larger parties can be accommodated by arrangement to suit Toddler Groups etc.  Your child does not have to be a Jo Jingler to enjoy a Jo Jingles music party.  You can hold the party in a hall (suggested) or in your home if you have space.

We come and entertain the children for 45 mins or an hour with an action packed Jo Jingles session using favourite props and lots of parachute songs and games and incorporating favourite instruments and songs if desired. Each party programme is written afresh so no two parties are completely alike.


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Babies (0-1), Toddlers (1-3), Pre-Schoolers (3-5)


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