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General Information

Looking for a children's entertainer in Ipswich? I am a very versatile professional magician and children’s entertainer. Over the past 20 or so years I have been a well-liked entertainer at events in the Ipswich area. My unique Magic Marvo van can be seen frequently on its way to or from laughter filled gatherings and celebrations.

I cover all of Suffolk including Ipswich, Felixstowe, Bury St Edmunds, Woodbridge, Manningtree, Hadleigh, Stowmarket and at anyplace in between. Regardless of whether it's a children's entertainer in Suffolk you are looking for or if you are planning a teenager's celebration and really want a party magician I can help alleviate the strain of it all.

Performing as Magic Marvo I have kept entertained hundreds of groups of all ages during my career as a master magician and children's entertainer. I am also very talented as a close-up magician and am available for walkabout "spontaneous" performances at wedding events and adult celebrations.

Close-up magic is an excellent feature, not only does it "break the ice" but it creates a discussion after I have left the party.

Magic Shows

Bubbles from bubble gun put out whilst waiting for the children to arrive and settle.
Birthday child helps with some of the tricks. He does a magic wand trick, gets the birthday child to cut rope with their fingers. Draws a picture and makes it talk. Does balloon magic and makes a dog. Makes a five balloon special sculpture. He makes a chocolate egg appear from nowhere which the birthday child gets to keep. The children have to help repair a broken flower. He does an educational traffic light trick. He then does 20 minutes of ventriloquism with Dee Dee the dinosaur. (Tricks may vary). All children attending the party will go home with “stretchy man” and a tattoo/transfer. The birthday child receives another special balloon sculpture as well as a birthday present and an animal sculpture.

Magic Shows Price List

£95 £105 £115
½ hour ¾ hour 1 hour

Magic shows with musical games

I do magic as above and then follow on with musical games. I can either do 1 ½ hours or two hours. With the 1 ½ hours I do the magic and then follow straight on with the musical games allowing you to feed the children before I arrive or after I have left. However, with the 2 hours, I stop after the 1hour magic so the children can eat and then once finished I continue with the musical games. During the food break I am mingling with the children showing them tricks and producing things from their ears and generally keeping them amused. The musical games consist of Pass the Parcel which I supply, the limbo and various other musical games. I am out there showing them what to do and dancing with them at all times. I also bring along my snow and bubble machine (1**) which the children love. (Games may vary)

I can also do magic and musical games for 1 hour if you would prefer a shorter duration ie 30 minutes of each.

Magic shows with musical games Price List

£160 £175
1 ½ hour (Straight through no food break) 2 hours (includes food break)

Balloon Modelling

I can do walkabout balloon modelling for ½ hour - ¾ hour – 1 hour – 1 ½ hours or 2 hours (or longer if required). During this time I will make a variety of different balloons to hand out. 
This is suitable for private parties, restaurants or shopping centres.

Balloon Modelling Price List

£95 £105 £115 £160 £175
½ hour ¾ hour 1 hour 1 ½ hours 2 hours

Disco Party

I bring along my music equipment and disco lights. (I do not use laser lights) and also bring my snow machine and a bubble gun (1**) and play current chart music, plus all the children’s favourites. If the children are not interested in dancing all the time I get down with them and show them dances like YMCA, Agadoo, Music Man, the limbo, chu chu ua, hands up, Mimic man, Cotton eyed Jo, Greased Lightening, Clap clap song etc. I can also do pass the parcel. Disco parties can be 1hour 1½ hour or 2hour duration.

Disco Party Price List

£115 £160 £175
1 hour 1 ½ hour (straight thru) 2 hours (includes food break)

Disco with Magic (50/50)
This is the same as above but instead of all disco I do a magic show at the beginning.

Disco with Magic (50/50) Price List

£160 £175
1 ½ hour (Straight through no food break) 2hour (includes food break)

With all parties mentioned above ALL the children attending the party will receive a “stretchy man” and a tattoo (comical animal faces) to take home. The birthday child will receive special balloon sculptures made from several balloons x 2 and a smaller balloon sculpture.


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