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general information

General Information

Children's parties

We offer a range of themed parties for a variety of ages.

Party invitations

Vibrant party invitations can be included in the party package and purchased when you book your party.

  • Pack of 20 - £2
  • Pack of 25 - £2.50

View samples of our party invitations.

Our parties

Archery Parties (7+ years) - N

A qualified coach will teach the children how to use a bow and arrow with target shooting and scoring for 1 hour 15 minutes, allowing you 30 minutes for tea.

£78.75 for up to 12 children

Football Party Indoors (5+ years) - G M N W

A party assistant is optional to act as a referee or to organise a mini-tournament or games for 1 hour 15 minutes, leaving you 30 minutes for your food.

£73.50 for up to 20 children (with a party assistant) £63 for up to 20 children (without a party assistant)

Added extra: We can supply football medals for every child for just £6 - that’s only 30p a medal - so everyone leaves a winner!

Jungle Trail Party (3-7 years) - N

Enjoy not one but two Jungle bouncy castles, soft play and plastic play equipment under the supervision of a party assistant. The party is for 1 hour 45 minutes which includes time for your birthday tea.

£78.75 for up to 15 children

Mixed Sports Party (6+ years) - G M N W

A mixed sports party gives you two activities - rollerskating and football. A party assistant is provided to assist you with the activities for 1 hour 15 minutes leaving you 30 minutes for your party food.

£73.50 for up to 20 children

Rollerskating Party (6+ years) - G M N W

With the help of a party assistant children can skate to music for 1 hour 15 minutes before having 30 minutes for their birthday tea. Children can bring their own skates if they have them.

 £73.50 for up to 20 children

Trampolining Party (5+ years)  G M N W

Includes 1 hour 15 minutes of trampolining with a qualified coach, allowing you half an hour for your tea afterwards.

£78.75 for up to 12 children on 1 trampoline (with 1 coach) £94.50 for up to 24 children on 2 trampolines (with 1 coach and 1 assistant coach)

Remember, the fewer children the more turns they will have! We would advise two trampolines for 10+ children - although the choice is yours..




Charges vary according to the type of  activity

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more information

More Information

Opening times

Christmas closures

Monday - Friday
18:00-22:00 (term time) (please note reception closes at 21:00)
09:00-22:00 (school holidays) (please note reception closes at 21:00)

09:00-18:00 (please note reception closes at 17:00)

Please see separate opening times for Profiles gyms

Bank holidays
Please note the centre is closed on bank holidays and this includes Profiles Gym. The gym at Crown Pools is open on most bank holidays, however please visit the Profiles gyms page to check.

Northgate Sports Centre offers a range of activities:

It boasts the following facilities:

  • Profiles gym;
  • 4-court sports hall;
  • 2 practice gymnasiums;
  • 8-lane athletics track with grandstand;
  • All weather area;
  • Tennis courts;
  • Football pitches.


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Pre-Schoolers (3-5), Juniors (5-13)


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