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General Information

We are a family business run from home, located in Ipswich. At Pawtique our goal is to provide calm and relaxing atmosphere for your precious pet. We want your pet to love coming to visit us, leave happy and looking great. 

We use safe and gentle handling procedure and products, along with patience and genuine love of animals to make sure your pet feels safe and secure. We aim to offer a no rush, personalised service to ensure stress free experience for your dog. The best part of our day is seeing how delighted our pet parents are with their freshly bathed and groomed pet! Please come and visit us, you won`t be disappointed!

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Collection Service:

We offer our pick-up and drop-off service for a small charge to any dogs who wish to be collected for grooming. 


is part of our service, effective in treating a number of dog health issues, such as skin irritation, anxiety, flea infestation and more...

We offer free aromatherapy as part of our service. Using aromatherapy to tackle dog health problems is starting to gain recognition as a safe and effective alternative treatment. 

Aromatherapy is more than just making your dog smell good! It treats the whole body (human or canine) - both emotionally and physically. 

Essential oils have antiseptic, anti-microbial, calming, revitalizing, regulating and detoxifying properties, effective and side-effect-free way to treat a whole host of doggie problems including anxiety or fear, allergies, skin conditions, joint health, liver function and much more.

Aromatherapy is also used:

  • Hyperactivity or aggressive behavior

  • Separation Anxiety and nervousness

  • Rashes, burns or minor skin irritations - including those caused by dog allergies

  • Parasites such as fleas and ticks, flies or mosquitoes.

  • Joint problems including arthritis and growing pains

  • Bad breath and more...

We always use 100% pure essential oils which are safe for dogs but please let us know if your dog is epileptic, seizure-prone or pregnant. We don`t use aromatherapy on dogs younger than 10 weeks old.


Does your dog have bad breath or too much tartar build up? We have an affordable non-anesthetic teeth cleaning service available.

Most pets are very cooperative during the non-anesthetic dog teeth cleaning process. All pets are handled gently with care and are treated like our own pets.

  • Large dogs will lie on the ground comfortably where the mouth can be easily accessed the cleaning. Small pets, including cats, are gently swaddled in a soft towel for the cleaning procedure. 
  • We gently grasp the muzzle and hand-scales the teeth. This is where heavy calculus build up is removed. 
  • For pets with areas that require a deeper cleaning or for stubborn tartar, an ultrasonic scaler is used (only on those pets that can tolerate this process). This tool helps to vibrate away tartar while rinsing with water in areas that are difficult to clean with a traditional hand-scale. 
  • Once calculus is removed from all surfaces of the teeth, your pet is ready for the final stages of the cleaning. 
  • Your pet’s teeth are then polished with a special paste safe for cats and dogs. 
  • Finally, your pet will receive an oral rinse (Pet grade for what mouth wash is to humans) to kill off any bacteria remaining along the gum lines.





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