Voucher & Offers Guidelines

Vouchers & offers are hugely popular and done correctly will win you new customers. If you are a premium user, you can add a voucher, offer, discount or promotions on your listing!

We recommend eye catching discounts and headlines, such as “buy one, get one free”, “25% off”, “FREE on your first visit” “1 child FREE” .  You can add as much text as you’d like, but you must make sure you enter the following information on the "voucher" section on your business listing:

1-Catchy headline

2-Offer valid from.. to…

3-Content of offer

4-Contact details

5-How to redeem the voucher

We can share it on our popular Suffolk Kids Facebook page ( yearly subscribers only)  if you would like us to share your offer simply e-mail us wheretotakeourchildren@gmail.com and we will add your offers on to our "vouchers" page and will also share it on facebook. Vouchers are shared on the first come first servebases. We will email you with possible sharing dates.

Please note:

Only the first 50 premium subscribers will have the chance to  share 4 vouchers per year and news 4 news per year.

( can we rewords this please? I copied it from raring to go :) All offers featured from 3rd party advertisers are subject to change at any time and are not directly linked with Suffolk Kids!