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Written by MiriamSpall on Monday, February 19, 2018 - 10:49

Reviewed by Lizi Long

“Dear Zoo Live on Stage” is a wonderful adventure based on the popular, well-loved lift-the-flap book Dear Zoo by Rod Campbell.

The show has children on the edge of their seats for the best part of an hour as Sally and Ben eagerly await what Zoo Keeper Sam is going to bring them next from the zoo. Will it be a fierce lion or a grumpy camel? A jumpy frog or a scaaarrry snake? Those who know the popular story are always keen to shout out what they think will be in the brightly coloured crates Sam brings from the zoo, making for a great fun show filled with lots of audience participation.

Sally and Ben keep children engaged throughout with simple songs, actions and story telling which the children can easily follow. Children become giraffes munching on leaves for lunch, bouncing frogs and roaring lions. The show has great educational value too. Throughout the show the children learn colours, counting and a whole zoo full of animals.

We watched “Dear Zoo Live on Stage” at the Theatre Royal, Bury St Edmunds. The venue was packed full of excited toddlers, many clasping tight to their beloved copy of Dear Zoo that they had bought from home. The set was particularly good - bright and colourful, replicating the illustrations from the book excellently. The animal puppets were really good and made for a really interesting show that all the children enjoyed. A highlight for many children was the opportunity to meet everyones favourite pet from the zoo, the naughty monkey, out in the theatre foyer after the show. The cues were quite long so make sure you get you camera ready to snap away your little one greeted by the show’s key characters.

This show is most certainly a hit for little ones aged 2-4 years. Perfectly produced for little audiences. If you get the opportunity make sure you get your tickets, great memories ready to be made. Here is a link to future tour dates: http://www.dearzooandfriends.com/dear-zoo-live

Important information:

Run time: 1 hour

Suitable for: Excellent for preschoolers 2-4 years.

Merchandise: Merchandise is available. A great selection of Dear Zoo books and toys.

Website: http://www.dearzooandfriends.com/dear-zoo-live


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