10 Original ideas to inspire your kids on World Book Day

Written by MiriamSpall on Tuesday, February 23, 2016 - 22:07

World Book Day, which falls on 3rd March 2016, is a fantastic opportunity to get your little ones reading. Inspire your kids this year by going beyond just reading your kids’ favourite books - take the fun to the next level!

1.       Have fun with activities:

 Find colouring books, activity sheets, and stickers and get the kids busy! Bring their favourite characters to life with Arts & Crafts. They’ll love cutting, sticking, colouring and chatting about the characters and the story. Get some fantastic primary resources from the World Book Day website.

2.       Attend a local event:

 Events make learning fun, take them to see a live author and get their imagination going.  Suffolk Libraries have a few events lined up, check your local library or our calendar of events for more information.

3.       Let them entertain you!

Kids love to put on a show, they can either write their own short story or role play to their favourite book characters. Then let them use either toys and watch a puppet show, or they can dress up and act it out themselves.

4.       Get them writing:

The concepts of a storyline can be challenging for younger kids, but a great way to start is to get them thinking how a story can start, develop and end.

5.       Ditch stereotypes or not..

Kids learn about stereotypes in the early years, blue is for boys, pink is for girls, but loads of boys like fairy tales and loads of girls like cars. Encouraging reading and acting out non-traditional characters is a fantastic way to teach them to embrace diversity and empower them.

6.       Find a special place to read stories:

Get creative, make a den behind the sofa or with chairs. Go under the blanket and share a torch or read inside the wardrobe.

7.       Host a Gingerbread or Gruffalo party :

A great chance for the kids to use their imagination role play and do some baking!

8.       Play the guess who game:  

Get your kids to guess the character you are describing. It could be as simple as guessing a member of your family or their favourite character.

9.       Read their favourite story:

Make it fun! Use silly voices, create noises and act the story.

10.   Do your kids love their Ipads? I know mine does!:

Make a superhero movie using apps such as iMovie - The Video Editing App! Click here for an example and more ideas 

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