Birthday Parties at the New Wolsey Theatre

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Games and theatre making for ages 5+

Tell stories and create characters all through imaginative play!' Group games which are all about having fun and getting to know each other while developing team work, confidence, negotiation, and theatre making activities to get kids using their bodies and voices to make characters and tell stories – and using their own ideas to make theatre!” 

If your kids love drama and the theatre, why not celebrate at the New Wolsey theatre! Watch a show or have a fun workshop, they can organise food around a performance and/or workshops with their Creative Learning team. 

Contact their Hospitality team through Lauren their Hospitality Manager on  She will then organise the party and decide on where it can be hosted, which is usually at their main theatre - in their upstairs bar there is what they call a glass box  (however not private).  Take a look at the areas available... you bring the cake, and they supply the catering!

Theatre Birthday Party Activities And Packages

Information provided by the New Wolsey Theatre:

Package A - Kids show followed by a snack or lunch.
£ your show tickets + meal cost
Package B - Theatre Tour followed by a snack or lunch.
£5 per person + meal cost
Package C - Hour long Workshop and Storymaker session followed by or preceded by a snack or lunch. Please give 2 weeks notice for this package.
£75 for a group + meal cost
Package D - Hour long Storymaker and Games session followed by or preceded by a snack or lunch. Please give 2 weeks notice for this package.
£50 for a group up to 19 + meal cost
£75 for more than 20 + meal cost

These prices include either a boy or girl Happy Birthday banner and generic decorations and tablewares for the area and the supply of a board for the cake. If the customer would like to use specific decorations of their own, we are happy to put them up on their behalf.

Snack Pack
Milkshake, Mini Cheddars, Raisins and a Satsuma
Our milkshakes use natural flavourings, have no added sugar, are 99% fat free and are approved by schools!
£3.00 per person

Party Boxes
Fruit Shoot, Sandwich, Crisps, Jelly, Crudites and Dip
£6.00 per person

Birthday Buffet
Chicken Nuggets, Wedges, Sausages Rolls, Pizza, Macaroni Cheese, Popcorn, ‘Fizzy Frozen’ Drink
£7.50 per person

Room Hire
Customer can hire the Glass Box for a minimum of 2 hours and is welcome to provide their own food and drink with a member of staff helping them if necessary
£48 per 2 hours

Add Party Bags for £2 per person

We’ll get in touch within 2 days by email to confirm the booking. This will include all the information you need for your party.
If you have any questions give us a call on 01473 295900.

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