Bury skate park marks first anniversary with the start of a new venture

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05 May 2015

The evolution of the skate park in Bury St Edmunds is set to continue this month as a community of boarders, BMX riders, skaters and scooter users contribute to the next stage of its development. A year ago youngsters of all ages from across West Suffolk and beyond celebrated the official opening of the new skate park at the annual Skate Jam. The skate boarding community had raised £100,000 and been involved in selecting the equipment and layout of the skate park, while St Edmundsbury met the remaining £150,000 needed to complete the scheme. Now youngsters are back fundraising – this time towards £10,000 to upgrade the lighting at the skate park through a skate jam and live music on 22 May. Simon Pickering, youth and community development officer at St Edmundsbury Borough Council was involved in the skate park project. He said: “Last year’s Skate Jam was a fantastic curtain raiser and the new skate park has continued to be popular with the ever growing skate boarding community we have in and around Bury. The new skate park was their investment, the skate boarders, BMX riders, scooter users and skaters all bought into it, helping to raise money and choose the equipment they wanted. Now they are continuing that work by fundraising toward improved lighting that will enable them to use the skate park for longer as well as during those dark winter evenings.” Elle Zwandahl is chairperson of the Bury Skate Park Experience charity which was set up to raise money for the new skate park through grant applications and fundraising. She said: “This is the evolution of the Bury skate park. A year has rolled by and the skate park is ever popular, promoting healthy lifestyle, exercise, and fresh air. It is part of the rich heritage of Bury. Now the youngsters are taking ownership and are raising funds for further improvements that will only enhance their ability to use this brilliant facility. It is to be commended and admired, and I am looking forward to this year’s Skate Rock and BMX Pop night. I am sure it will be a very successful event.” Sean Butler, a trustee of the Bury Skate Park Experience said: "It's amazing to be a part of something that bought me so much pleasure throughout my youth and still does to this very day. The skatepark is one of the most important youth facilities in the town, it's great to see young people taking hold of what they have and wanting to improve it. Everyone is looking forward to what is sure to be a very entertaining event and excited for others in the future." Skate Rock and BMX Pop 2 takes place from 7pm to 11pm at the skate park in Olding Road with live music from Horse Party, Tryal of Witches and The Virtues. Entry costs £4.

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