Comedy Club for Kids at The New Wolsey Theatre - Our Review

Written by MiriamSpall on Monday, October 30, 2017 - 18:34

Written by Katie Mackenzie

If you’ve ever been to an adult’s comedy club or watched “Live at the Apollo”, this was just like that, but at 1 pm in the afternoon and there was no swearing.  Except for the words “poo”… and “wee”... and “guff”. .

Our host for the afternoon was Tim FitzHigham, who presents programmes on CBBC, which I am now going to check out, having not seen him before. He instantly made the children laugh with his introduction, where he stated that under no circumstances would he say the rude words mentioned above. He then proceeded to say those words several times, getting all the kids shouting, “You just said it!”

Our first comedian, Matt Highton, came on stage with toilet paper hanging out of his trousers, which was a huge hit with the audience, and when he asked them what he should do with it, chants of “Eat it! Eat it!” filled the auditorium. The audience was pretty merciless hecklers, and there were much more bizarre heckles than you would find with an adult audience. Luckily the comedians were quick-witted enough to deal with these, and we even got some jokes just for the grown-ups, which is always welcome amongst jokes about poo and wee. Matt’s style was funny storytelling, and he told a great story about being chased by what he thought was a shark while in Australia. This appealed as much to the adults as the children and was very funny.

The final act was Gordon Southern, who told jokes and got the audience involved with his rap about double denim. He is also a “proper” comedian, like the previous two acts, so even though the material was suitable for children, it appealed to the grown-ups as well.

With three acts over an hour, the show was just the right length for the young audience, and my son certainly enjoyed himself. He didn’t really know what a comedy show was before we went, but he will definitely want to go again. I think it was pitched just right for 6 – 10-year-olds. There was audience participation and we were expected to respond and clap along in places, which is great for keeping their interest, but nobody was forced to join in against their will. Inevitably those sitting in the front two rows were fair game for comments from the comedians, but it was all very good fun. 

The New Wolsey is a family friendly theatre, whose mission is to create, develop and produce a vital and dynamic programme of theatre, and other live performances and projects, for all the people of Suffolk and surrounding areas.



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