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Written by MiriamSpall on Wednesday, March 2, 2016 - 10:13

Where can I add my events? You need to be a Premium subscriber to add your event to the calendar. You'll also be able to share workshops, classes & lessons. We are happy to share community events - if you represent a non-profit or a charity please drop us an e-mail at miriam@wheretotakeourchildren.co.uk.

How can I claim my business listing? If you have found your business listing, simply send us an email with "Claim Listing" in the subject line and your business name in the email message to miriam@wheretotakeourchildren.co.uk. and we will provide you with the details to access your account and manage your listing.

How do I upgrade my listing? If you have a FREE listing and would like to get the benefits of a Premium account, simply go to our pricings page and click on the Buy Now button under the Premium section. In only a few minutes your existing listing will be automatically upgraded with all the features of a Premium account.

Do you offer promotional packages?We have developed an alternative to expensive promotional packages.  We want to give small businesses the best chance of success. To achieve this, we have developed an efficient and cost effective plan. When you pay for 6 months in advance, not only do you get a discounted rate, you can also choose to take advantage of a few extra benefits, such as sharing your news, your vouchers & offers beyond just your regular listing and events. We have simplified the promotional process, which saves both you and us time and makes these special promotional opportunities achievable within the discounted 6 months subscription. 

Why is my FREE listing not showing anymore. To keep an up to date directory listings will expire after 90 days. They won't be deleted though, they will just be deactivated.  If you would still like your FREE listing simply e-mail us, with "Reactivate Listing" in the subject line and your business name in the email message, and we will reactivate it for you.

How do I go back to a FREE listing? You can go to your account and select Cancel at any time. Downgrades will take effect from the expiry date of the current plan. Unfortunately we cannot offer refunds.

How do I Close my account? If you no longer need to have any listings or events on or website, you can close your account at any time (although we'll be really sorry to see you go!). Just sign in to your account and select Close Account, then follow the steps to complete the process.

How do I add a video to my listing? You need to have a YouTube or Vimeo account to add video to your listing. You can cut and paste your YouTube or Vimeo link/URL in the "Video" box on your listing admin page.

I am not able to add my opening times. You can add one opening time and one closing time for each day of the week in the dedicated Opening Times area. However, we do understad that sokme businesses need more flexibility in their hours, so if your business operates more specific hours we recommend that you add your detailed opening times in the More Info section of your listing (you can use text formatting to highlight this information if you wish).

I represent a charity and would like to add our events - how do I do this? We are happy to help promote community events. Just use the Contact Us page to let us know, making sure that you include "Charity Events" in the subject line.

I can’t find a category that fits my business. If this is the case please let us know what you think we're missing by dropping us a line via the Contact Us page, ensuring you include "Categories" in the subject line, and we will review your suggestion and get back to you.

Why isn't my business appearing under all the categories I selected? To ensure that this website continues to be the best way for Suffolk families to find things to do with their children, we regularly review what appears in category searches. This means that sometimes we will remove a category from a business if it does not seem relevant, replacing it with a more appropriate category wherever possible. We recommend that you focus on three or four relevant categories to ensure your listing is seen in all the right places. If you add an excessive amount of categories, or select categories that are not relevant, we reserve the right to apply our Fair Use Policy - under these circumstances your listing will be removed, although we will always do our best to let you know when this is going to happen.

I paid for 6 months - what happens when my next annual payment is due? Don't worry, we will contact you in plenty of time to let you know when your subscription is due to expire. You can also check when your next payment is due by checking the "My Subscriptions" tab in your Account area.

What is the difference between a Listing and an Event? A Listing is a place to showcase your business. Include all information about what you can do for your customers or visitors and what they can expect to experience. Photos and videos are a great way to really showcase what you offer, for example pictures of your work, your venue or typical activities. An Event is something that is happening on a particular date, which members of the public are invited to attend. You can add classess, workshops, or special events. It may be a free event, or one which people have to pay for. If advance booking is required, please make sure this is clear.

How can I redeem a coupon? You will be able to add a voucher code at the checkout stage of your subscription payment. Simply enter the coupon details in the Coupon Code box and click "Add Coupon".

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