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Written by MiriamSpall on Friday, May 15, 2015 - 21:45

If your children are into princesses and knights then Framlingham Castle is the place for you. 

It is a great place to visit for families with children of all ages, even small children as there is vast amount of space for them to run around. Outside the castle walls there is a pleasant walk round the moat and down to the mere, the moat is a great place for small children to let off some steam which they mostly do by rolling down the hill! It is such a majestic place to have  a picnic with a lovely view and a opportunity for the whole family to pretend they are having a medieval adventure.

There is, plenty of parking  just up the hill at the castle. A plaque at the entrance reminds the visitors that it was here that Princess Mary Tudor learnt she became queen. Inside the castle there is  ample space to run around and there are a couple of picnic tables, but there is little castle, just mainly the curtain wall which is accessible via the gift shop. 

The view is stunning from the high walls and allows fantastic views of the surrounding countryside. There is an interesting little museum which holds a variety of small artefacts relevant to the history of Framlingham village and a  shop where you have the chance to buy medieval souvenirs and fancy dress for the kids.  The castle was home to some of the most powerful people in Tudor England, and then a sanctuary for the poor in the 17th century.   

I would highly recommend visiting when they are holding a special event .

To say they are fantastic is an understatement. We went to an event called "Clash of the Knights" the sun was shining which made the experience a lot more enjoyable. The children get to dress up as knights or princesses, and the whole experience is fantastic. There was traditional music playing, and many activities happening at the same time where children had the chance to try traditional clothes and dance as medieval kids would have done back then. Our favourite was the "children's drill" where kids get to line up like a real life medieval army, armed with swords and at the leader's signal they get to charge and chase the "enemy" until they are down for good. You can see the video here


  • I would highly recommend visiting when they are holding a special event .
  • They have an adults and children's audio system and which is really informative.
  • Families with energy to burn can grab an audio trail designed for the kids and head out to explore the grounds.
  • We have visited Framingham castle a few times throughout the year,  and would recommend 2-3 hours max on a regular day unless it is an event day.
  •  If it's a nice day, take a picnic, otherwise, take a short stroll into town where there are many good cafe's, pubs and restaurants.
  • Bring your dog! It is also dog friendly which is a big plus for dog lovers!
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