Golf for Children in Suffolk

Written by MiriamSpall on Friday, May 25, 2018 - 14:44

It is so much fun to play mini golf whilst on holiday with the whole family.  But have you thought about taking your children to practice at a Golf Club? It is great fun and they will love it! Playing golf is very popular with adults and children alike. It takes the kids away from their console and computers and introduces them to a sport suitable to all shape, size and ability.

Children can start playing from a young age, in a protective environment with minimal risk of injury and it is a fantastic social setting where they can build long lasting friendships.

Introducing your children to Golf

What’s the best way to encourage your child to play golf? Make it fun! According to Junior Golf, if the adults are having fun the children will follow. When they hit a good shot say “good shot” When they miss say “great swing” give them an understanding of the game, by playing games on their console or watching matches on TV. Once they have had a grasp on how the game is played they will enjoy it a lot more.

Mini - Golf / Crazy Golf in Suffolk

A great way to introduce them to the sport and enjoy a family day out is to have a friendly mini golf tournament. There are mini golf and adventure courses all over Suffolk and they are quite popular with local families. take a look at our blog Mini golf and crazy golf in Suffolk

Driving Range in Suffolk Golf venues

Is your young family still undecided if they like golf? Try hitting a few balls at the “driving ranges” at your local golf club. Some might require membership. What is great about this, is that it doesn't matter if it rains or not! You can practice by trying to hit their targets from a fully covered, raised greens designed to simulate realistic golf and enable the player to clearly see the ball landing. Buckets of balls are available from approximately £2.00 per bucket, usually the venue will lend you golf equipment and you might even be able to have brunch or lunch at their cafe, if they have one. Talk about an affordable and fun day out with the kids! Find some ideas of where to go here

Golf Classes for Children in Suffolk

If you already play golf it is very likely your children will follow in your footsteps and enrol on some lessons. But if you haven’t practiced the sport yourself and your children enjoy mini golf or a visit to the driving range, then they might be ready to take on golf lessons. Golf lessons for children have been designed especially for their age group, making it fun and a great chance to make new friends. Click here for a few places where you can enquire about lessons for your children.

If you are looking for things to do with the kids, take a look at our Family Guide and Events


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