How to Organize a Karaoke Birthday Party

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If you have a budding performer at home, have you thought of throwing a karaoke - type birthday party? Karaoke parties are hugely popular, they are a fun way to let go and bond through popular tunes and the kids love it!


A theme will give the kids the chance to dress up and add a bit of glamour to the occasion. The “ X Factor” or “Rock Star” themes are quite popular options! Set up a small stage if you like where you can set out a box of dress-up clothes, accessories and props.


For an extra-special touch, have your themed party invitations designed by a graphic designer.  You can do this on-line through websites such as Fiveer, where talents from all over the world offer their services for only $5. For inspiration, just google “X-factor party invitations” or “Rock Star party invitations” - you will find loads of ideas such as “backstage pass” style invitations, which is a fun way to create excitement and anticipation. Make sure you do this in plenty of time though, as they can take a week or more to deliver.

Get organized

  1. Make sure you have a large list of songs to choose from. Start with the most popular dancing songs to break the ice and kick off the party.

  2. Print off copies of your songlist, so that your guests can take a look through and pick which ones they’d like to sing.

  3. Give your guests notecards to write down their chosen songs, and make sure everyone has a turn. If your guests start monopolizing the machine, get them to pass the microphone around in a circle and let every person sing a piece of the song.

  4. Create a karaoke club atmosphere by adding some special effects to make it extra special such as a bubble machine, a rotating disco ball or glow sticks. Wigs, boas, funky glasses or hats will help the guests get into character.

  5. Consider giving out prizes for best impersonation, most enthusiastic performance or biggest crowd pleaser.

  6. Since Karaoke is the main attraction, keep the food simple with a cold buffet and drinks or just order pizza!

Get your karaoke songs

  1. Hire a karaoke machine - You can enlist the services of a professional company and hire a karaoke machine.

  2. Use a karaoke app -  If you think karaoke machines are a bit last decade, nowadays you can get all the songs you need from software such as Redkaraoke Karaoki Party. Connect your mobile or tablet to your TV and organize the perfect karaoke party anywhere, anytime. There are loads of FREE songs to choose from, although for a greater selection you will have to buy a subscription. You can connect the Karaoke Party app for free to many devices, including ChromeCast, AmazonFireTV, LG WebOS smartTV, Bluetooth devices and of course to any external speaker with the minijack port.

  3. Karasongs has a large database of YouTube sing along songs and it is completely FREE! Completely compatible with all browsers on PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android Devices, Playstation 3, SmartTV, and many others!  Go through your kids list and check the tracks beforehand, as some are better than others.

Sound System & microphones

If you don’t hire a karaoke machine, you will need a sound system and ideally at least a couple of microphones. You will need some kind of PA speaker, with power amplifiers built in, as these are made for live performances. Your sound system will need to have inputs to plug in your mics, and multiple outlets.

Your kids and their friends are guaranteed to have a blast... you might even be tempted to join the party yourself! Why not!

Top 10 Karaoke Songs

  1. Let it go - Idina Menzel/ Demi Lovato
  2. Happy - Pharrell Williams
  3. Roar - Katy Perry
  4. Black Magic - little Mix
  5. Baby - Justin Bieber
  6. Baby one more time - Britney Spears
  7. What Makes You beautiful - One Direction
  8. Love Story - Taylor Swift
  9. Genie in a Bottle - Christina Aguilera
  10. I am a believer - Shrek movie

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