How to Organize a Murder Mystery Tea Party

Written by MiriamSpall on Tuesday, March 17, 2015 - 20:12

We mums deserve to have fun occasionally! at least every once in a while we should make a little effort to get together with friends for dinner,  for drinks or just for a chat!. I know when I get together with mine all we talk about are the kids anyway and we are all so tired we don't stay up too late.

 I have always enjoyed hosting small events for my friends and creating events for my favourite charity,  so I decided to give a Murder Mystery Tea Party game a go. You don’t have to be a party planner  just have a little passion & enthusiasm for organizing You can play it at home once the kids have gone to bed or hire a venue.  

There are no rules and it is up to you on how creative you get and whatever suits your needs and your budget! There are different types of mystery parties to choose from, you can buy a mystery party kit or download one for FREE on-line. Instead of buying a mystery kit I decided to download a FREE mystery dinner party script from the internet. I went through a few but I finally decided to go with  Assassination in Hollywood and a Great Gatsby theme.  The script describes your character, how to behave and tells you if you are the murderer or not. It starts with introductions and 5 rounds.

Once introductions are finished you move to Round 1 and so on. At the end everyone guesses who they think had killed Jed and the murderer confesses. The script gives room for improvisation and spontaneity. It doesn't tell you exactly what to say but a good idea on what is happening per round and how to respond if being addressed.   

As you long as you follow the rules of the game is easy to play. We all liked dressing up so we made an effort to look the part which plays a major part of the fun. There are several videos on Youtube with master courses on Great Gatsby make up and hair styles. Accessories &  dresses can be easily found on on-line. 

There is also the option of hiring the complete outfit from places such as Mascarade in Earl Stonham, Chuckles in Felixstowe, The Costume Closet in Needham Market, among many others their average price is £25.00 or you can also buy locally from shops such as the Fancy Dress hut in Ipswich.

One of my greatest finds was a lady in Poland that sells beautiful 1920's headbands on They are great quality and very affordable. I would suggest that you send invitations at least 6 weeks prior to the date, especially if your guests need to dress up for it! and also creating a Facebook event page which enables you to send reminders. Make sure you invite friends that you feel will be happy to engage and to dress up. Also let everyone know from the very start that they will be assigned a character and they have to set the date apart and confirm. Last minute cancellations can make the planning stressful and we want to avoid this at all cost! Order of Events

  • 1.00-2.00 photos taken and order drinks
  • 2.00-2.20 Charleston dance routine
  • 2.20-3.00 start the game
  • 3.00-3.30 Have tea and sandwiches served
  • 3.30-4.30 play the game
  • 4.30-4.45 pm serve sweet part of the tea party.
  • 4.15 -5.15 pm finish the rest of the game and find murderer

 Charleston Master Class To get into character and get people out of their comfort zone I decided to start the event with a Charleston master class. I am not a dance teacher so I had to prepared 6 basic Charleston steps, I chose the “Charleston Green Hill Instruments” song to dance to.

Preparing the steps was a fun work out for me and it was  great fun on the day, there are many Charleston tutorials on YouTube and it wasn't hard to put something together. I found a compilation of Charleston’s songs also in YouTube which I played in the background to add to the atmosphere.  It was hilarious and got everyone in the mood.

The photography session was great fun! To say we had a few laughs would be an understatement. If you are taking photos with your camera there is a great FREE photo editor on-line called Fotor  just upload your photo to give it a vintage feel. Here is a compilation of vintage poses which I found very handy during the photo-shoot. If you do decide to organize a mystery dinner party let me know how it went! 



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