How Suffolk mums want to celebrate Mother’s Day

Written by MiriamSpall on Thursday, February 25, 2016 - 21:57

How many of you have actually celebrated Mother’s day, in a way where you look forward to it the following year? Having kids, especially little ones, can turn yourself, your house, your whole life upside down. So for many, Mother’s Day is a nice idea but rarely as special as it should be. This year, Suffolk Mums, make a stand! Subtly share this blog with ideas on how you’d like to be pampered this year,

A lay in, sounds like a good start?

This is our day! We want to stay in bed just a little bit longer, preferably without being rudely awakened.  

Have breakfast in bed

This is a popular one for older kids and a lovely idea. However, mums with babies and toddlers, you deserve breakfast in bed as well! Make it happen!

Have one day off from house chores

Wouldn’t it be nice to have one day where we don’t have to tidy up, do the laundry, the dishes, dress the kids or mediate kids squabbling?

Coming home from work to a clean house is priceless - hire a cleaner for the day or get the kids to pick up around the house.

Get Pampered

The sound of silence… This is what I mean by pampering yourself.

No need to go to an expensive spa, although that would be great too! Take an hour to soak in the bath, have a manicure at home or at your favourite salon. Your kids might enjoy a mini salon, doing your nails, your hair, giving you a facial.

Have dinner taken care of

Wouldn’t that be wonderful! A lay in, breakfast in bed and not have to worry about dinner? Even better, go out with the family to enjoy a nice meal out.

Spend time as a family

Do something fun, find your humour.  

  • Karaoke at home is always a winner and guarantees laughs, possibly some dancing, and plenty of entertainment! Do a lip-synch X factor performance and rate each other, the kids will love it.

  • Dig out old family albums or your old home movies, show off how you looked as a kid. It will walk you down memory lane and you can take your kids with you. How you used to wear your hair, how cheeky their favourite uncle was or how young grandad and granny look! All good fun!

Craft with the Kids

This is a fantastic way to spend time with the kids and make it memorable. If you enjoy arts & crafts gather the kids do some colouring, ask them to make you a card, let them surprise you. The best things are FREE! and this is what makes us mums feel really special and loved.

Get time off

For whatever you would like to do. Maybe something you have been putting off for a while because of time. Maybe an indulgence, just time to do what your heart desires without feeling guilt or feeling the need to rush back.

So there you go! Take one, two, all of the ideas and have a truly wonderful Mother’s Day Celebration from everyone here at Suffolk Kids. Don't forget to check our calendar of events for more ideas on what to do as a family.

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