Museum of East Anglian Life

Written by MiriamSpall on Monday, June 15, 2015 - 20:16

Mini Tractors are always a popular choice.  The Museum of East Anglian Life is one of those places that are not quite what you expected. As "museum" has a certain connotation, I wasn't expecting to find a nature trail or a playground when I first visited. To read about its history click here. Located in the heart of Stowmarket town centre, and easily accessible by public transport or by car, this is a favourite among families and children of all ages but particularly good for small children. It is FREE for under 4's, for more pricing information check their website. For a map of the site please click here. They also organize weekly activities especially designed for toddlers and their parents or carers, click here for more information.

Here are a few good reasons to take your kids:
  • Plenty of open spaces for the kiddies to run around in any weather, on a rainy day bring your wellies! You won't see kids happier than when they're jumping in puddles.  The Museum of East Anglian Life (also known locally as M.E.A.L)  is one of the biggest Museums in Suffolk, occupying over 80 acres of countryside in the heart of Stowmarket.
  • The Osier Café, which has seats inside and an outside area with assigned spaces for children to play. The cafe offers high quality homemade food, including homemade soup, freshly made sandwiches, ice creams and a great cup of coffee.
  • Home Farm: The museum holds a small selection of animals to see, such as pigs, chickens and donkeys among others.
  • Different buildings to explore, each with activities for children. For instance the industrial zone has a built in "workshop" play area. There is also an activity room at the "Home Close" area of the museum.
  • Playground and picnic area with an enclosed space where the kids can play on miniature tractors.
  • Nature river trail including woodland nature trail and picnic area.
  •  Alton Water mill - the children particularly enjoyed "grinding" the corn into flour.

Since pictures speak louder than words, please take a look at the photos below and find out what the museum has to offer for young children.


  • If you pay a pound for the car park and take the counterfoil to the museum, they will issue a pass to display for the whole day.
  • Take the children in the morning and pack a picnic, I spent most of the day there with my son and his best mate.


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