Old Fashioned Fun at Suffolk’s Boating Ponds

Written by MiriamSpall on Tuesday, March 1, 2016 - 17:59

Watching a boat as it sails along the pond is one of those hypnotizing experiences that can entertain a child of any age for hours. Kids will love to watch their boats as they cruise from one side to the other, or race against each other, even on the gentlest breeze.

Playing on a model boat pond is not only entertaining but good old fashioned fun! The fresh air, the laughter, the healthy competition, and above all, the FREE entertainment makes for a great family day out. Go to your local shop, build a boat with dad or stop by when the local club is having an event during the summer season. Either way this is sure to be a fantastic day out. You might even want to drop some science into the equation and talk about the basic physics of sailing in action - your kids can begin to understand why boats are designed the way they are, why the boat doesn’t tip over, and how a wing works (which is basically what a sail is).

We have put together a small list of sailing ponds in Suffolk. If you know of more, do let us know and we will add them to the list!

Woodbridge Boating Pond: Woodbridge

On your next trip to Kingsman Park in Woodbridge, stop at their boating pond, on the River Path near to The Tea Hut.  Woodbridge Model Boat Club holds fortnightly races on Saturday mornings, starting at 10 am. For more information visit their Website.

Southwold Boating Lake next to the pier: Southwold

The Southwold Model Regatta’s season contains a wide range of events, consisting of regular races for all boats, Sailors of any age and ability are most welcome to join in. For those interested in sailing who do not own their own boat, a number of excellent 'club' boats are available – particularly those suitable for children. All club sailors are very friendly and will happily lend a hand to newcomers! Website

Kensington Gardens Boating Pond: Lowestoft

This small pond in the grounds of the park is a favourite spot for model boat enthusiasts and children alike. Waveney District Council carried out extensive regeneration of the lake and surrounding Kensington Gardens, making it an even better experience. 

Aldeburgh Boating Pond

The pond is situated right next to the War Memorial for Fallen Soldiers, and the historical Moot Hall. Hours of fun to be had pushing sailboats round the boating pond, waiting for a breeze to catch and send them speeding across to the other side.

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