Summer Fun programme - never a dull moment!

Written by MiriamSpall on Tuesday, August 11, 2015 - 09:23

As the summer holidays are now in full swing, the Long Shop Museum’s special family drop-in event days are a popular way for parents and youngsters to take part in some fabulous hands on activities, but we’re already half way through! This Wednesday (12th August) from 10:30am – 1pm is our final ‘Time Traveller’ day when visitors to the Long Shop Museum in Leiston can go back to a bygone era and meet Louisa Garrett-Anderson (daughter of the UK’s first woman doctor, Elizabeth), hear about life as a nurse in the war and make a unique medical hand! There will also be pin badge and sweets making sessions, the chance to try out some Edwardian Fire Fighting techniques as well as the opportunity to meet Frank Garrett and find out about Edwardian life at the works and potential ‘trouble at mill!’ Our previous “Make it Work Day’ saw the museum abuzz with families ‘making it work’ by getting stuck into a range of satisfying practical projects. The opportunity is there for only one more week as next Wednesday 19th August is our final ‘MIW’ Day. Stimulating technical challenges include finding out how to hold a bucket of water upside down and not get wet, playing with our ‘quick sand gloop, and other hands on activities! This runs from 1pm to 3.30pm. Activities on both days are included with the standard admission price. Two down and only two to go – not to missed!  The Long Shop Trails are also still in operation for budding sleuths to track down various items and secrets on any day of the week. 50p per trail plus normal admission. For details of these and other events at the museum, see

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