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Teaching our children to swim is one of those skills that can save their life.  A third of children in England cannot swim by the time they leave primary school, according to research from the Amateur Swimming Association (ASA). The reasons include; parents that did not learn to swim themselves passing on their fear to their children, sensory issues and a lack of time.

In Suffolk, many places offer swimming lessons designed especially for children. If you feel your child is ready to attend group sessions, you can start by visiting your local Leisure Centres. Independent swimming instructors and swimming school franchises also offer lessons taught by qualified teachers. You can find a comprehensive list on our Family Guide- Classes & Activities - Swimming lessons. We keep an up-to-date directory of local providers, do take a look!

If you are one of those parents, whose children are scared of water, or whose hyperactive toddler would rather run dangerously around the swimming pool edge than join the class, the whole process can become extremely stressful and challenging. From a sensory point of view, a public pool can be overwhelming for some children - the smell of chlorine, the noise and the crowds. To make matters worse, most parents tend to compare their children to others the same age, adding to the stress. If this sounds like you, do not worry! Please keep in mind, that because children develop at different rates, each child will be ready to swim at their own time. For more tips and advice visit Swim England, the national governing body for swimming in England.

The best way for a child to overcome their fear of water is to be patient and don’t feel rushed to make progress. Bring your family to your local swimming pool, bring toys and inflatables, have a laugh. Don’t force your children if they are not ready to take the plunge, they will get there in their own time. Hiring a swimming pool is another great way to spend quality time with your family or with close friends. It is not as expensive as you might think and it provides a fantastic opportunity to encourage your child to practice their strokes without other children splashing around them.

With this in mind we have put together a list of swimming pools that are available for hire in Suffolk. Have fun with your family, or invite your best friends along, you will not only have a fantastic time, it will create a positive impression about water on your child’s developing mind.

If you wish to use the pool for a party then please book the party package. Take a look at our blog Swimming Pool Parties in Suffolk

Bradgate pool (07805 578548) Bradgate Pool, Bradgate, Elton Park, Off Hadleigh Road, Ipswich, IP2 0DG

  • Pool details: Large, 40-foot x 20-foot swimming pool. There is a shallow end (0.7m) and a deep end (2.7m)
  • Pool warmth: The water temperature is kept at a constant 31°C.
  • How long: 1 hour
  • Price: £25 per hour for up to six people. Additional £2.50 per person up to a maximum of 12 people
  • Lifeguard: Private hire without a lifeguard assuming at least one competent swimmer within the group,

Oaklands Leisure Pool (01986 892552) Oaklands Farm Flixton Road Bungay Suffolk NR35 1PD

  • Pool details: length: 12m, width: 9m, Shallow end: 1.2m, Deep end: 1.6m, Pool area: 108m2. The pool is ‘Level deck’ (water at floor level) for enhanced visibility of children and those needing supervision. This also means you can look out over the valley while you swim and it’s easier to get in & out of the pool.
  • Pool warmth: comfortably warm at a minimum of 31-32°C.
  • How long: The swimming slots are booked per ‘term’ which works out at approx 12-13 week period. A minimum of 2 and a maximum of 8 people can use the pool making this a reasonable option for small groups or families.
  • Price: Half hour swim @ £15.50/per week. Inc VAT. It is possible to book one-off swim sessions - half hour swim @ £20.00 Inc VAT

Ubbeston Swimming Pool (01986 799 007) Ubbeston Lodge Halesworth, Suffolk IP19 0EY

  • Pool details: The pool is 12x4m with a depth of 1.3m,
  • Pool warmth: heated up to 32+, underfloor heating throughout.
  • Suitable for ages: There is no age limit so long as there is an adult per 3 children in the pool. It can be hired out to anyone, with a minimum of two, up to 6 people in the pool at any one time. It’s for exclusive use so good for beginners who don’t like the noise of a public pool, great for babies as it’s heated up to 32+ with a playpen and changing mats and heated underfloor throughout. Also good for the elderly as has walk-in steps with d-bar at the end to hold on to whilst walking in.
  • Availability: The pool is open between 7.30am - 8.30pm Monday - Friday/ 8.30am - 7.30pm Saturday and Sunday.
  • Price: It’s £15 for a half hour swim or £25 for a full hour and that includes 10 mins before and 15 mins after for changing.

Parties are available but the family will need to bring their own lifeguard.  Take a look at our blog Swimming Pool Parties in Suffolk

Diveline (01473 715533)  St. Johns Road, Ipswich IP4 5DQ

  • Pool details: 10m long * 5m width shallow 1.5m deep 3m deep
  • Pool warmth: 30 degrees C
  • Suitable for ages: suitable for all ages
  • Supply Inflatables: they can supply diving equipment for £10/person
  • Availability: call for availability
  • Price: 30/hour max 6 people minimum

Other: They also offer Scuba pool parties available on Sundays suitable for ages 12+

Swim At The Mill House - We are based in Swilland just near Otley, Woodbridge 10 mins from Ipswich. The Mill House. IP6 9LW

Pool details: This pool have just been fully refurbished.  Shall end 1.1m deep and 1.5m with to the edge to walk around and little wall to sit on at the shallow end.
Pool warmth: warm 31c 
Suitable for ages: Suitable for babies upwards 
Supply Inflatables: Floats, toys for children and great for serious keen swimmers.
Availability: : Available daytime/evening and weekends.
Price:  £30 per hour for 8 and additional £2.50pp after upto 12 people.

Swimming Pool Parties in Suffolk

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