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Theatre for under 5s is specifically designed for little ones. It often involves singing, dancing, magic, balloon modelling and much more! We have put together the top upcoming shows for you. If you are looking for more family shows, check our Suffolk Kids calendar  here

The Mighty Prince and Other Fabulous Fables

New Wolsey Studio, Ipswich

Mar 12 - 11:00, Mar 12 - 14:00

Presented by Open Sky. Two performers, five stories and a host of bugs, birds, animals and magical creatures! Open Sky bring to life two thousand year old stories using a happy mix of rhyme, movement, live music, song and puppetry. Monkey tests Buffalo’s patience. Pigeon saves Ant from disaster. Tortoise’s big mouth leads to a smelly fate! For ages 3+


Storymaker Little Story

The New Wolsey Theatre, Ipswich

Feb 06 - 11:00, Feb 20 - 11:00, Mar 26 - 11:00, Apr 09 - 11:00, Apr 23 - 11:00, May 07 - 11:00

If you’re 3 or 4 years old and love silly stories and tremendous tales then you’ve got to come and meet the Storymaker at the New Wolsey Theatre.

Mums, dads, grans, grandads, big brothers and big sisters should come too, they can look after you and pick up some tips along the way.

Storymaker takes place in the upstairs foyer of the theatre, where the children sit on cushions around the Storymaker chair.

NOTE: You only need to book tickets for children.


Orion And The Dark

New Wolsey Studio, Ipswich

Mar 19 - 11:00, Mar 19 - 14:00

Presented by Peaceful Lion. A brand new production based on the book by Emma Yarlett. Orion is scared of more or less everything. He’s terrified of wasps and monsters, afraid of sheds and storms, panicked by spiders and fearful of heights, but there is one thing that scares him more than anything else. Most of all he’s scared of... The DARK! Join Orion on an adventure as he faces his biggest fear and finds out it’s friendly! For ages 3+


Mr Maker & The Shapes Live

The Marina Theatre, Lowestoft

Mar 20 - 13:30, Mar 20 - 16:00,

Come and join your ultimate arts and craft hero Mister Maker, for his first ever live theatre tour! Packed full of arty adventures there’ll be a big ‘make’ to take part in, super songs to join in with, a fabulous supporting cast and not forgetting, The Shapes! Yes, you’ll be able to share the fun with Mister Maker’s colourful all-dancing friends Circle, Square, Rectangle and Triangle too! This show is tons of arty fun for all the family! Mini Makers, get ready to make some amazing arty creations and book your tickets today!


Tortoise & The Hare | Northern Ballet

Dance East, Ipswich

Mar 23 - 14:00, Mar 23 - 16:00, Mar 23 - 18:00

Following sell-out tours of Ugly Duckling, Three Little Pigs and Elves & The Shoemaker and TV adaptations for CBeebies, Northern Ballet brings their magic to Tortoise & The Hare. Once upon a time there was a speedy Hare who never stopped talking about how fast he could run. Tired of being teased for his slowness, Tortoise challenged him to a race. No one thought he could win, but life is full of surprises! Bringing this much-loved Aesop’s fable to life, Tortoise & The Hare is the perfect opportunity for your little ones to enjoy live ballet, music and theatre. These child-friendly performances last approximately 40 minutes. Wednesday 23 March | 2:00PM Wednesday 23 March | 4:00PM Wednesday 23 March | 6:00PM



The New Wolsey Theatre, Ipswich

Apr 01 - 14:00, Apr 02 - 11:00, Apr 02 - 14:00

They only went out for a stroll… to let the food cool down. But when the three bears got home the house was a mess and Baby Bear's porridge had vanished completely! And that was just the beginning!

Broken chairs, unmade beds and a mysterious visitor who takes Baby Bear on a breathtaking adventure that turns his house and his world upside-down! Stuff and Nonsense return with a thrilling adaptation of everyone's favourite beary-tale! A brilliant mix of ingenious puppetry, music and mischievous moments for everyone in the family. For ages 2+


The Wizard of Oz

The Marina Theatre, Lowestoft

Apr 04 - 18:00, Apr 05 - 14:00, Apr 05 - 18:00

Watch Dorothy and her cute dog Toto enter the wonderful Land of Oz. During their travels down the yellow brick road they meet some lovely friends including a Scarecrow, Tin Man and even a Lion who really wants some courage.


Puss In Boots

Theatre Royal, Bury St Edmunds

Apr 06 - 13:30, Apr 06 - 16:30

Would you trust a talking cat? You never know, he might turn you from a pauper to a prince just like the hero of this story. Brought to life on an incredible sloping stage by Patrick Lynch from CBeebies.

Using smoke and mirrors and hidden trapdoors, he’ll show you how this sure-footed feline fools both the King and the Ogre to put his master at the top. A host of puppets, a working windmill and an avalanche of fruit and nuts awaits you in this classic furry tail!

It’s the cat’s whiskers! Ages 4+


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