Why captioned movies should be a must in Suffolk cinemas

Written by MiriamSpall on Tuesday, February 23, 2016 - 22:28

One day, whilst watching one of the latest blockbusters at my local Cineworld, I heard someone shouting from one of the back seats “Take those subtitles off”!

Up until that point, I hadn’t realised the movie was captioned, and what really got my attention was how it had annoyed someone so much he had to actually shout to show his discontent. And I did wonder.. Does he actually know why cinemas show captioned movies?

Imagine going to the cinema and not being able to understand the dialogue between characters, missing the jokes and not being able to follow as the story develops.  It doesn’t sound like much fun. In fact, we all go to the movies to be entertained, have a laugh and share with friends with whom, no doubt, will later have some heated debate about what role the characters played or how interesting the plot was.

Imagine taking your deaf kid to see a much anticipated film, and them turning to you every few minutes to say “mummy I don’t understand what they are saying.”  Because most movies shown at our local cinema are uncaptioned, and the few that are captioned are not shown at child-friendly times. It makes me sad, when cinemas choose to turn the other way instead of reinforcing their policy to cater for all.

I have written to Cineworld Ipswich, requesting they install loop systems (as they promote on their website) and more frequent captioned movies at popular times. I am hoping we will hear from them soon with good news.

When you go to the cinema, and this happens to be a captioned film, please know that this is in place so that deaf kids and adults can enjoy the show as much as you and your family do. :)

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